Asbestos surveys and testing are needed to safely manage or remove asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). These materials are often found in industrial, commercial, or residential properties built or refurbished before 2000. 


Are you looking for a qualified asbestos surveyor in Bristol? 

To manage asbestos in your property effectively you will need to know what types of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are present, where they are, and their condition. An asbestos survey completed by our qualified professionals will answer these questions.  
For many commercial properties built before 2000 your building plans and architectural information probably won’t clearly state the materials used. An asbestos survey is an important step to make sure you comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations. If you are planning major refurbishments for an older property a survey will allow you to plan your work with confidence and prevent costly delays that can be caused if asbestos is found after work has started. 

What an asbestos survey involves 

All asbestos surveys require sampling and testing to allow the asbestos content of materials to be assessed. This can involve some cutting, scraping, or drilling and opening parts of your property that aren’t normally accessible. Wherever possible we will gain access by removing panels and tiles that can be replaced without damage. Your survey report will provide a list of the ACMs identified and their location along with photographs and an assessment of their condition. Depending on your requirements you can also receive recommendations for safe management or removal of the ACMs identified. 

When an asbestos survey is needed 

Surveys might be needed for: 
commercial properties 
retail sites 
hospitals and schools 
blocks of flats 
communal areas for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) 
private homes for sale or undergoing major renovations 
demolitions and major refurbishments of larger buildings. 

Building management surveys 

A building management survey will, as far as possible, locate the presence and extent of any ACMs in your building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal use or when foreseeable maintenance and installation takes place. Your survey will provide an assessment of the condition of any ACMs found. This will help you to meet your obligations as a Duty Holder under the Regulations. 

Reinspection surveys 

Asbestos can degrade over time so reinspection or condition surveys are needed regularly to assess whether ACMs represent a greater risk due to deterioration. Additional remedial measures might then be needed to address these changes. 
Don’t delay, arrange your asbestos survey today. 
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